At Lantmännen Unibake UK we are experts in frozen bakery manufacturing, supplying quality and inspired bakery products across the education sector.  

With almost 2 million children eating free school meals in the UK1, and 84% of school pupils having a school meal at least once a week2, school caterers need to devise menus that are nutritious and tasty whilst being easy to prepare and quick to serve.

Our aim is to work with our customers as partners, supporting their business through insight-driven category recommendations, high-quality products to fit their needs, and innovative solutions.

Our Brands

Schulstad Bakery Solutions

With our 150-year history of creating the finest pastries and bread, Schulstad Bakery Solutions stands proudly upon its heritage and expertise, embracing the latest innovative baking techniques. We supply the education sector with innovative products and solutions that enable them to offer their pupils delicious, high-quality meals within budget. Our product range includes sandwich carriers, breads, rolls, viennoiserie, Danish pastries and sweet treats.


Americana has grown to become a leading brand within the UK education sector, specialising in classic and gourmet burger buns, hot dog rolls, deli rolls, and baps. 

All of our Americana products are pre-sliced, fully baked, supplied frozen, and conform to 2024 FSA Salt Level guidelines. All of our products are also Halal accredited and registered with The Vegan Society (except our Brioche range which is vegetarian)


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The benefits of using high quality frozen bakery products

Variety and freshness

Bakery products are frozen at their optimum freshness, allowing operators to offer a range of high quality, bakery products. Products can be thawed or baked little and often throughout the day, keeping the offering fresh and well stocked based on consumer demand.

Saved Storage

Frozen bakery products remove the need to store fresh ingredients and therefore save storage space.

Less hassle and waste

Frozen bakery products mitigate the hassle and time of baking from scratch, which in-turn reduces wastage and labour costs.