Passionate About Our Products

Danish Pastries

Expertly crafted with the traditional 24 layers of light, crisp sweet Danish pastry and finished with our patented ReadyGlaze to give a premium shine. 


Created using 16 layers of French pastry and a unique dough-resting process to develop the optimum flavour and texture for the perfect croissant experience. 

Other Sweet Treats

Including Portuguese Custard Tarts made just outside of Lisbon, luxuriously fruity Tea Cakes and a Versatile Sweet Finger Roll. 

Speciality Bread

On-trend, stone baked speciality loaves made with the latest manufacturing technology and top quality ingredients providing value and flavour. 

Stone Baked Ciabatta and Paninis

Our ciabattas and paninis have quality ingredients and are either stone-baked or enriched with extra virgin olive oil for a superior texture and flavour. 

French Breads

Produced on our Mecatherm line specifically designed for French Bread production. 

Gourmet Burger Buns

Crafted with our signature sponge and dough technology, using quality ingredients to create our on-trend range of halal certified and mostly vegan premium buns. 

Classic Burger Buns

Soft and spongy burger buns produced using our signature sponge and dough technology. Halal-certified and registered with the Vegan Society. 

Hot Dog Rolls

Soft and Spongy hot dog rolls produced using our signature sponge and dough technology. Halal-Certified and registered with the Vegan Society. 

Dough Pucks

Our versatile dough pucks are made with a special pizza formulated high-gluten flour to give an authentic product with its unique flavour and texture. 

Other Fast Food Breads

Including Soft Floured Baps and Deli Rolls all Halal-certified and registered with the Vegan Society. 

Savoury Pastries

Crafted to an authentic recipe this range includes Cheese Twists, Tomato and Cheese Swirly and Pretzels.


Discover the Benefits of Frozen Bakery

Variety and Freshness

Bakery products are frozen at their optimum freshness, allowing operators to offer a range of high quality, bakery products. Products can be thawed or baked little and often throughout the day, keeping the offering fresh and well stocked based on consumer demand. 


Frozen bakery products removes the need to store fresh ingredients and therefore saves storage space.

Efficiency and Reduced Wastage

Frozen bakery products mitigate the hassle and time of baking from scratch, which in turn reduces wastage and labour costs.