The Lantmännen Unibake continuous improvement programme reduces the environmental impact of our operations in a number of ways.


Improved energy efficiency is one of them. From reusing heat from our ovens to installing LED lighting at our plants, our energy consumption is an ongoing focus. Today, our energy monitoring system measures consumption at all our sites.


In our waste reduction efforts, we target several levels: production, product and consumer. At our bakeries in Belgium, for example, we have introduced regular analyses to ensure our flour has the right baking properties. This minimises production waste due to quality defects.

Our work with shelf-life extension and inspiring recipes for using up stale bread aims for less product waste in stores and by consumers.


By improving our energy efficiency and reducing waste, we also support the Lantmännen Group target to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% before 2020, where 2009 is the base year. This is an area of ongoing focus for us. At one of our bakeries in Germany, we recently completed the first carbon footprint analysis of our production.


Transparency starts with the traceability of our raw materials. Here, our goal is to ensure we obtain our ingredients from a sustainable source. This includes everything from the segregated sustainable palm oil in our margarine and butter blends to the pecan nuts on our pastries.